Published on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 in category In Development
FEATURE FILM / 2D Animation / 80 min

/ Description

Spirit Seeker is a comedy-adventure set in a whimsical fantasy universe for a family audience, primarily for kids from 7-14.  The film explores a coming of age theme centred around relating to our emotions.  Nørlum and Sun Creature Studio are developing and producing this project together.

/ Synopsis

In a fantasy universe where emotions are tangible aspects of nature, Felina is an ordinary City girl crossing into adolescence.  She is forced out of her mind-driven society into the heart-governed wilds beyond when her rite of passage goes magically awry.  

On her quest to return home, she travels through lands affected by different emotions and meets an unlikely friend.  Together, they discover that the natural world is dangerously out of balance and that Felina holds the key.

// Directed by Jericca Cleland & Bo Juhl Nielsen

Producers : Sun Creature Studio | Nørlum